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Tap for push ball. It’s endless type game! Collect bases!

Image Reskin Image Reskin Examples Watch reskin examples!

More about project: Project have share function, you can put short link to share message for increase users in game. To increase audience retention we use local notifications after 1,6 and 24 hours and after 1 week. For monetisation project has AdMob framework, you can easy place your ad id’s. After game we called rate us function, also we have rate us button in main menu.

Game based on SpriteKit engine, and write on Swift 4. All code in game nice commented. Project have good program architecture.

You can change settings all of game process, it’s easy, you just need to change value in settings file. For reskin, you just need replace files in .xcassets file. It’s really easy. Project have good documentation and you can contact us for solve your problem!

Features: - Share - In-Apps - Pause - RateUs - Tutorial - GameCenter - Notifications

Monetisation: - AdMob - In-Apps

Requirements - For launch completed game iOS 9.0 or later. - For launch project Xcode 10.0 or later


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