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This android application is for discovering events to be happening in your cities and nearby, also find trending events.Register and Login yourself and create your own events. You can also reigster yourself for other event and get ticket through mail. Also share event to your friends and family and let them know events your attending.


Demo Admin Url:


Username: admin
password: admin



Android Side

  • Latest UI With Material Design
  • All Device Combability
  • Category Wise Event List
  • Trending And Nearby Event List
  • User Event List
  • User Can Upload Event And Also Edit Or Delete Event
  • Add to Favourite features for Event
  • RecentView Event List
  • Login/Registration features
  • Mange profile feature
  • Get Ticket Via Mail
  • Share Application link
  • Latest Navigation View
  • Rate App, More App And Share App links
  • Check Network Availability
  • Admob Integrated With Banner And Interstitial Ads
  • Easy Admin Panel With Latest Material Design
  • OneSignal Push Notification
  • Android Studio Code
  • Android Studio Code with latest version 3.1.4

Admin Side

  • Simple and Attractive Admin Panel
  • Categories, Events and User Manage from Admin
  • Push Notification Send from Admin
  • App Settings Manage from Admin
  • About Us and Privacy Page Manage from Admin
  • Json Service

What You Get

  • Full Android Source Code
  • Full Php Code of Server Side
  • PSD Design


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