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Contact Buttons is a jQuery plugin for adding All in One Button. It has designed to bring Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, Google-plus, Github, Behance, Digg, Vimeo, Reddit, Xing, Tumblr, Whatsapp, Youtube, Flickr, Skype, Viber, Telegram, Wordpress, Mailchimp Subscribe and many more channels just in one button. Contact Buttons is Extremely easy Customizable.

Contact Buttons also included Mailchimp integrated Subscribe Form and a PHP Working Ajax Callback Request Form. Contact Buttons is a full Responsive. It can be simply integrated at your site with the documentation help. It looks great with all types of devices. Try out the demo.

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  • Extremely easy Customizable
  • 25+ Pre Built Buttons
  • Very Easy add/edit/remove Buttons Configuration
  • Font Awesome for Button Icon
  • Mailchimp integrated Subscribe popup modal Form
  • PHP Working Ajax Callback Request popup modal Form
    • Admin/Recipient will receive an email with form all input values
  • Vertical Position
    • Top
    • Bottom
  • Horizontal Position
    • Left
    • Right
  • Scroll Animation Effect ON/OFF
  • 100% Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Layout
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Well Documentation ( proper help instructions for setup )
  • Dedicated Support
  • and Much More!

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Note: All images are just used for Preview Purpose Only. They are not part of the template and NOT included in the final purchase files.


        ----- V 1.1 Released: 2 August 18 -----
        - Updated: updated Button Settings added Horizontal Position Features
        - Updated: Documentation updated
        ----- Initial Released: 1 August 18 -----
        - Initial Released


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